Once a prospect is on first, your next marketing activities are designed to get them to second. Second base is when a prospect is ready to explore working with you. The marketing  mix activities are  engaged in seem random and subject more to luck than intention.

Sometimes something will happen that challenges your belief and things can change very rapidly. For instance you may go to a networking event and connect with someone who turns into your best client. You then start to question your belief about networking because the new evidence is that it worked for you. The language of marketing is based on what is  calles  “Marketing Syntax.” Syntax is the order of things. Syntax creates meaning. For instance, the order of letters in a word give that word meaning and the order of words in a sentence give that sentence meaning.

You might think of this as a marketing blueprint, much like an architectural blueprint. This action plan is your step-by-step guide in implementing your marketing strategies. Strategy plan this is your actual approach to implementing your strategy. If you’ve chosen a speaking plan you need to determine where you will speak, how you will get engagements. The key to making these principles work is studying, applying and implementing them to current marketing projects.

They offer focus and a clear direction for any campaign intended to attract more clients. Once you have implemented your activity, you need to follow up in some way, shape or form. You can’t just cross your fingers and hope the phone starts ringing.